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  • Document


    The ability to access, print, fax or email business critical records at a touch of your keyboard has become a necessity to compete and stay in business.  Scanning legacy files as well as the day to day volumes of paper records can be daunting without an efficient and cost effect solution in place to do so. We take this a step further!

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  • Microfilm & Microfiche


    Microform was once the most reliable back up to be found for records retention. With the decreased costs for digital storage and ease of distribution; microfilm has become obsolete for archive. However there is still a vast number of records still in microform requiring conversion for use.

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  • Damaged

    Document Recovery

    We live in a world of uncertainty.  Every region of the world deals with its own natural disasters be it flooding, fires, or hurricanes etc.  Often times these disasters deal damage to buildings and streets affecting businesses sometimes very radically.  Though we know that damage to these buildings can be very costly, the cost of losing important paper documents can be just as devastating.

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WHY doc2e-file

Quality Control & Assurance

As a business tool, records are only as good as the ability to retrieve them and the data they represent. Knowing this we address each conversion with detailed checks and balances to assure accuracy of not only the image quality but the data used to manage them.

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Seasoned Talent

In any industry acquiring and keeping talent is always a challenge and should be a goal. It certainly is at doc2e-file – our mission in this area is to be the best employer in our industry in the market places we server. We truly believe the best staff will produce the best products and services.

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There are any number of reasons our clients and you should choose doc2e-file as a partner, one such is our certifications. We continue to maintain multiple certifications pertinent to our industry and our client base on an ongoing basis, adding additional programs as required or as seen to be beneficial.

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Welcome to doc2e-file

• Woman Owned               • HUB Zone               • Small Business

doc2e-file utilizes the latest technology surrounding data input, scanning, digital storage, data retrieval and delivery. The successful completion of file conversion will be a partnership styled project requiring the development of a comprehensive strategy, and experienced team, extensive planning, and sound execution. doc2e-file’s purpose is to safeguard your documents/records and secure the future of your business. Whether you require an extensive document management and imaging system, need files imaged for an existing system or require a simple electronic document library, doc2e-file is the solution.

Our customized document conversion solutions provide substantial and identifiable benefits while improving the efficiency and security of your work environment. Our clients directly benefit from doc2e-file’s established techniques and tools for project planning, tracking, status reporting, and overall project management. Access all your critical business records within seconds and never lose, misfile or even have to re-file again.


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