Our Approach

WHY doc2e-file

Quality Control & Assurance

As a business tool, records are only as good as the ability to retrieve them and the data they represent. Knowing this we address each conversion with detailed checks and balances to assure accuracy of not only the image quality but the data used to manage them.

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Seasoned Talent

In any industry acquiring and keeping talent is always a challenge and should be a goal. It certainly is at doc2e-file – our mission in this area is to be the best employer in our industry in the market places we server. We truly believe the best staff will produce the best products and services.

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Damaged Document Recovery


Doc2e-file has been involved in the Document Recovery and Restoration process since inception. Our efforts are centralized in providing immediate access to mission critical records and documents. Our solution is to provide high quality imaging of each document. This approach will eliminate hazards due to mold and mildew exposure for the record users/ employees. It also provides for image “clean up”, beyond simply drying and copying paper records. As a solution, it answers the question of where to store the records and how to provide them to staff temporarily re-located as well. The resulting images can be either hosted on our web based access system or on portable media or via data lines to load to an existing document management system.

Phase I: Inventory of Records Phase II: Establish a priority for restoration.

Phase III: Establish search and retrieval criteria.

Phase IV: Move the records to the secure conversion facility and check into the doc2e-file inventory control system.

Phase V: Individual separating and sorting of saturated records and prep for conversion * some pages may need to be re-wet to allow for separating.

Phase VI: Conversion to Electronic files in a PDF format with the file name representative of the original folder structure or other index method as specified.

Phase VII: Delivery of the Electronic Files via portable media or data lines.

Phase VIII: Certified Destruction of the contaminated files.


Why We Do

Records Management is equal to Asset Management and this aspect of your business requires a knowledgeable and professional approach to keep your asset intact and defendable. Having a partner who’s sole and core business is records, allows you to focus on your business and reduces added costs and concern.

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