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Records Management is equal to Asset Management and this aspect of your business requires a knowledgeable and professional approach to keep your asset intact and defendable. Having a partner who’s sole and core business is records, allows you to focus on your business and reduces added costs and concern.

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It’s all about access! At doc2e-file, our business is partnering for success in electronic records management.   Records retrieval quickly and accurately, for view, print, fax or email with ubiquitous access. We believe success can only be achieved with attention to accuracy and ease of use. With this in mind we have selected our team and nurtured their talents around a core belief: doc2e-file simply endeavors to be the Best Employer in our industry and in the markets that we serve. Our belief is that being a stellar employer will result in a stellar staff.  Producing quality results and service, must begin with quality staff therefore our belief is we must attract and retain the BEST in order to be the BEST!

doc2e-file highly values our many long-standing client relationships.  Taking a great deal of pride in the paramount satisfaction of each or our clients’ unique and individual needs; we consistently exceed their expectations by focus and commitment to incomparable quality.  It is our belief that each project requires a plan with tested and proven results and an execution designed to meet the needs of the stake holders.

Partnering with each client as opposed to being a vendor, is a fundamental part of our success. With over a decade of experience in electronic records management and conversion services, we bring a level of knowledge to each project for the full spectrum of each record’s life cycle consideration. Understanding the use of records, the compliance requirements and the retention of each document is crucial to how it is created, kept and ultimately managed; this level of service constitutes more than just the act of scanning!

Our partnership philosophy goes beyond those with our client’s to relationships with many other entities. We have partnered with some of the largest integrators in the nation to assist their clients and ours alike. We have developed relationships with software and hardware vendors to stay abreast of technology for both our internal needs and to be a source for our clients on best of breed solutions. We also participate in many organizations formed to guide and lead in the records and content management space. Our membership and participation is on both local and national levels and offer a broad array of exposure and resource for us to call on for our own and our client’s benefit.

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04 24

ARMA Houston 2018 Spring Conference & Expo

Norris Conference Center, Houston CityCenter

816 Town and Country Blvd

Houston, Texas 77024

April 24-25, 2018

Document Scanning

The ability to access, print, fax or email business critical records at a touch of your keyboard has become a necessity to compete and stay in business.  Scanning legacy files as well as the day to day volumes of paper records can be daunting without an efficient and cost effect solution in place to do so. We take this a step further!

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Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning

Microform was once the most reliable back up to be found for records retention. With the decreased costs for digital storage and ease of distribution; microfilm has become obsolete for archive. However there is still a vast number of records still in microform requiring conversion for use.

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Damaged Document Recovery

We live in a world of uncertainty.  Every region of the world deals with its own natural disasters be it flooding, fires, or hurricanes etc.  Often times these disasters deal damage to buildings and streets affecting businesses sometimes very radically.  Though we know that damage to these buildings can be very costly, the cost of losing important paper documents can be just as devastating.

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