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Cost Control & Return on Investment


Once the investment has been made for a Record/Content management system the best way to reap the return is to use it. Getting the paper off the shelves and out of the drawers and into the system in a trusted and proven manner improves the all-around user experience. When your users are happy with the system it becomes an asset to the entire organization and will greatly increase productivity.

The scanning is inevitable but can also be the drawback of getting a good return on investment in a timely manner. First, there is the task of acquiring the correct capture system and processes. Then comes the hours, days and potentially weeks of training to ensure your staff can operate these new hardware and software tools. Last but not least, the labor of conversion. Our service bureau utilizes best of breed software and hardware to perform the imaging and data capture for you. Our set fee for image/document processing allows you to have a known budget to control and predict costs. Overspending on technology is avoided and your focus can then be directed toward a go forward, day-to-day reduction of paper creation.

With the doc2e-file 5-step quality assurance process for imaging and data capture our clients are confident in the destruction or removal of the hardcopy to avoid dual file systems and costly storage. The accuracy of the data improves and enhances the user experience for locating and mining information. Thus creating a larger buy in of the system.

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Document Scanning

The ability to access, print, fax or email business critical records at a touch of your keyboard has become a necessity to compete and stay in business.  Scanning legacy files as well as the day to day volumes of paper records can be daunting without an efficient and cost effect solution in place to do so. We take this a step further!

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Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning

Microform was once the most reliable back up to be found for records retention. With the decreased costs for digital storage and ease of distribution; microfilm has become obsolete for archive. However there is still a vast number of records still in microform requiring conversion for use.

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Damaged Document Recovery

We live in a world of uncertainty.  Every region of the world deals with its own natural disasters be it flooding, fires, or hurricanes etc.  Often times these disasters deal damage to buildings and streets affecting businesses sometimes very radically.  Though we know that damage to these buildings can be very costly, the cost of losing important paper documents can be just as devastating.

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